What Folks Are Saying



 - Jason, though we sorely miss you every day as our television meteorologist, your forecasts are like having you sit down and explain what's happening in person. Thanks  

- I just love it! The weather plus someone who can make me laugh. Thanks!

- This is Great!!! You're keeping us all updated, and we can actually talk to you and ask questions!!! Love it!!! 

- Bring it on, Jason! You know your stuff, and tell it in a way that MAKES SENSE!  

- All for it! I don't watch TV or news these days. And I always enjoyed your forecasts. Just give it to us accurate and straightforward! Thanks Jason!

- Thanks Jason...This is what has been missing

- I am so glad I found you, I love your weather forecasts and your sense of humor.  Thanks Jason

- Can’t thank you enough for your forecast in the morning. Don’t have to listen to all the commercials and politics now

- FYI We were able to get our BBQ lunch cooked today at Caroga Lake in between 2 quick small showers! Thanks for your forecast! 

- Jason, these “personalized forecasts” are amazing. I’ve made it so your posts are the first I see and it’s such a welcome feeling. Keep up the good work. 

- You were spot on with the weather in Gloucester, MA last weekend.  It was drop dead gorgeous!

- Nice to have your forecast to check out in the morning and throughout the day!

- I like the explanations along with the forecasts. I get the weather and learn something

- Thanks, much better than any TV weather!