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Running Errands: Wet or Dry?


No big weather issues today; watch for a few rain & snow showers into early afternoon.

Walking the Dog: Morning/Evening


Morning: Rain/snow shower, mid 30s.

Evening: Breezy, upper 30s.

Handy Chart Tells You When It's Too Cold to Walk the Dog

Car Wash: Now or Wait?


Few rain/snow showers through early afternoon.  Mainly dry tomorrow and staying dry through Friday.

Walk, Run & Bike


AM:  Rain/snow shower, mid 30s.

PM:  Breezy, upper 30s.

Here are some tips on dressing for outdoor winter workouts

Winter Advice & Tidbits


Practical Forecasts - What They Are

Practical Forecasts

Forecasts are only as good as what they mean for you.

You have gardens to water, errands to run and grass to cut; cars to wash. dogs to walk, snow to shovel & leaves to rake.  As with most things, timing is everything.  

That's where I come in.  

Your practical forecasts will be brief and to the point and will vary by season.

I'll also have reminders and suggestions as the weather and seasons dictate.

For more info, you can always check out my full forecast here or shoot me an email.

Year Round:

Running Errands - if you have time and options, you have everything.  

I'm guessing you'd rather put groceries in the car when it's not raining cats & dogs

Walking the Dog: Before/After Work - you'll have the forecast for both of those parts to your day.  Weather has a say in how long any walks can be

Car wash - unless you have a 30-day unlimited plan, you'd rather wash the car at the beginning of a dry stretch than at the end of one

Walk, Run & Bike - warm weather and cold weather forecasts with all the trimmings

Fall Season:

Your Leaf Raking Forecast - you need to know about wind and wet; it's a lot easier to rake dry leaves!

Yard Work and Final Fall Chores - you need to know when it's going to rain (or snow, some years!) so you can get the leaves raked up

Winter (December 1st through March):

Winter Advice & Tidbits - Anything related to winter chores around the house. 

Spring into Summer:

Garden/grass watering - minimize water usage and your bill by letting Mother Nature do her thing

Yard Work - weeding, cutting the front grass or the haying the back forty, even sealing the driveway not only deal with forecasts but weather that just passed

AC use - some like it cool, some like to keep the windows open for as long as possible and some need to close the house up because of humidity

Need a More Specific Forecast?

If you need a specialized forecast for something you have going on here, near or far, just click below and we'll go from there.