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AC: Will You Need It?


Humidity will continue to rise into this evening and it'll be here to stay through the weekend.  

Heat will build as well, topping out in the 90s Friday into the weekend.

I suggest setting your thermostat and turning your AC on now.

Since you will need it anyway, do it sooner rather than later; it won't have to work as hard to get to your set temperature and stay there.

Car Wash: Now or Wait?


A few widely scattered showers will be around into this evening.

More widespread & heavy showers will return tomorrow.

Watering: Hose or Mother Nature?


A few widely showers will continue into this evening with more widespread heavy showers to return tomorrow. 

Great grass watering tips here.

Running Errands: Wet or Dry?


Hot and humid this afternoon and evening with just a few scattered showers/storms.

Walk/Run/Bike: Now or Later?


Humidity continues to rise this afternoon and evening.

More heat and humidity on the way in the coming days.

Mornings will see the lowest temperatures but they'll still be warm.

Yard Work & Chores


A few showers into this evening with higher humidity; scattered heavy showers through the day tomorrow.

Suggestions and Reminders

Check Gutters


Things will stay nice and dry through tomorrow with scattered heavy rains to come in Wednesday into Thursday.

Always a good idea to check and clean them and the downspouts.  It'll make life easier if you do.

Driveway Sealing


Perfect sealing weather today through today; humidity returns tomorrow with scattered heavy showers on Wednesday.


Practical Forecasts - What They Are

Practical Forecasts

Forecasts are only as good as what they mean for you.

You have gardens to water, errands to run and grass to cut. 

As with most things, timing is everything and that's where I come in.  

Your practical forecasts will be brief and to the point.

I'll also have reminders and suggestions as the weather and seasons dictate.

For more info, you can always check out my full forecast here or shoot me an email.

AC use - some like it cool, some like to keep the windows open for as long as possible and some need to close the house up because of humidity.

Car wash - unless you have a 30-day unlimited plan, you'd rather wash the car at the beginning of a dry stretch than at the end of one.

Garden/grass watering - minimize water usage and your bill by letting Mother Nature do her thing.

Running Errands - If you have time and options, you have everything.  

I'm guessing you'd rather put groceries in the car when it's not raining cats & dogs.

Walk, Run & Bike - Rain, humidity and wind are all considerations.  

Morning isn't always the best time to go for your optimal performance.

Yard Work - Weeding, cutting the front lawn or the haying the back forty, raking leaves not only deal with forecasts but weather that just passed. It's all about the 'dry'.

Need a More Specific Forecast?

If you need a specialized forecast for something you have going on here, near or far, just click below and we'll go from there.

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