Global Warming & Climate Change

Direct correlation between global temperature rise & an increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Let Science Be Science

I have yet to understand why and how the subject of global warming & climate change became so polarizing and political.  This is a science problem.  End of story.

We've Tackled Science Issues Before

Acid rain that crippled the Adirondacks?  Fixed.

Ozone hole?  Fixed.

Bald Eagle population crash due to DDT?  Fixed.

We can do this, but only through education and action.

Climate Central

Climate Central is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that researches and reports on climate change and its impacts on us.

They don't advocate, they don't lobby.  They let science be science.  "Just the facts, ma'am."

Here's more on who they are and what they do.

I'll be posting articles and news from Climate Central and other unbiased sources regularly in the section below.

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Articles, Graphs and Stats

The stripes to your right "highlight how we have witnessed temperatures change across the globe over the past century or more. The color of each stripe represents the temperature of a single year, ordered from the earliest available data at each location to now." 

'Why That Matters'

Global Warning in a Geographical Context - Why That Matters
The Amazon Is On Fire - Why That Matters

We Know Global Warming is Bad, but What Will it Actually Do to Us?

Lakes and Oceans are Heating Up - Why That Matters

Oceans Warming Faster Than First Thought - Why That Matters

The Decline of Land Ice - Why That Matters

Ocean Currents Are Slowing Down - Why That Matters

A Patch of Ice 4X The Size of Texas Has Disappeared Since 1979

Record Breaking Southeast Heat This Fall - Why It Matters

Real Life Implications

Greenland alone could cause 3 or 4 feet of sea level rise by 2021. 

Related Washington Post article on Greenland's July record melting

Greenland Is On Pace for Worst Case Scenario for 2070

A Quarter of Humanity Faces Looming Water Crises

Congressman Tonko Discusses Climate Change at HVCC

How Much Hotter is Your Hometown?

Now It's Getting Serious.  Climate Change Is Messing with Beer

Shrimping in the Northeast - Done.

More Rain, Less Snow (sound familiar?)

Money Spent on Energy

Climate Change is Shaping Weather Recreation

As Coal Plants Shut Down, Carbon Emissions Still On the Rise

How a Sea Level Rise Looks for New York & New Jersey

Alaska + a Warming Ocean = Coastal Trouble

Different Coastal Issues for Louisiana - A Possible Solution

US apple farmers endure major crop and profit losses as climate changes

Truth and Reality

Global warming vs. time on Earth

Here’s how the hottest month in recorded history unfolded around the world

All About Carbon Dioxide in 70 Seconds

The Sun is Directly Causing Our Temps to Rise?  Um, yeah, no.

The Arctic's Strongest Sea Ice Breaks for the 1st Time on Record

Heading south: Warming to change how US cities feel in 2080

29% of 2800 Weather Reporting Stations Were #1 or Top 10 Wettest on Record

6 Ways Humans Influence Weather

Greenland Near the Tipping Point

The Bering Sea is Largely Ice Free at When Its Ice is "normally" at a Maximum

Climate Change Has Hit Canada Twice as Hard as Other Countries

244 Cities in the Hottest Decade on Record.  Search here.

Support Far Exceeds Implementation of Renewable Energy

Then, Now and Going Forward


Scientists to report on ocean 'emergency' caused by warming

The atmosphere and Arctic sea ice: Who’s the dog, and who’s the tail?

If carbon dioxide hits a new high every year, why isn’t every year hotter than the last?

Looking Down on a Decade - Satellite Images Tell the Stories

5 key questions about climate change in the 2020s

What Climate Change Will Do to Three Major American Cities by 2100

How Do We Talk & Feel About It, and How We Can Help

How should we talk about what’s happening to our planet?

AP-NORC Poll: Americans somewhat confident in climate fight

Most American teens are frightened by climate change, poll finds

The Power of Trees

Forests are Huge Factors in our Climate