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My first job was as a paperboy (common term in the early 80s) for the Times Union.

I'm proud to come back to the TU as its meteorologist.

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JasonsWeather Partners

The City of Albany

The City of Albany


99% of the events you see on the Events & Fundraisers page come from

They do a great job of posting all kinds of daily events, as well as places to visit and things to do.

The City of Albany

The City of Albany

The City of Albany


The City of Albany Office of Cultural Affairs presents events all year long.  

Tulip Fest, Alive at 5, the Last Run 5 and many events in between will have forecasts for their times & locations.

The City of Albany


From Chowderfest to many other events in and around Saratoga, there is plenty to do and see year round.

Discover Saratoga has you covered.

Calling All Weather Watchers


Helping Everyone

The more eyeballs we have on what's going on with weather, the better off we all are. 

What Are You Seeing Out Your Window?

Sleet?  Hail?  Trees down?  How are the roads?

If You Have Any Weather Instruments...

Temperature, rainfall, wind direction/speed are all helpful.  

And of course, don't forget to tell me where you are!

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